Why Is Lightning Protection Systems Recommended For All Establishments?

16 Aug, 2018 | By- LoneStar
Why Is Lightning Protection Systems Recommended For All Establishments?

At Lone Star Lightning we have come to understand that much as lightning protection has become a serious matter among property owners and the likes, there exists a large cross-section of people who still feel lightning protection equipment is unnecessary. However, a lightning protection installation goes a long way to prevent mishaps, loss of life and property and more.  Lightning protection is a safeguard measure that any and every establishment can benefit from if they choose not to ignore its utilities. Lone Star produces lightning protection equipment for both residential and commercial establishments.

Lightning protection for business establishments

Business establishments and commercial properties have a primal need for protection from any kind of mishap due to a multitude of reasons. A retail establishment houses workers, customers, production goods that may or may not be inflammable. It also comprises of heavy electrical equipment that can easily lead to devastating accidents if subjected to a lightning strike and a resultant voltage spike.

Lone Star Lightning’s electrical equipment not only prevents loss of production, equipment and other commercial goods but also averts disaster by protecting human life. By installing one of Lone Star’s critically acclaimed lightning protection devices business enterprises do not even have to rely on disaster mitigation and recovery plans, they can avert accidents altogether.

Small residential establishments

A lot of individuals harbour the strange philosophy that closer proximity to the skies increases the susceptibility to being hit by lightning. These rumours could not be more inaccurate. Property owners must understand that the proximity to the rain and thunder or being surrounded by taller establishments does not equal to protection from lightning strikes. Small buildings are as much vulnerable to a lightning strike as any other property.

To prevent these kinds of misleading information from dissuading property owners who are apprehensive of lightning system costs, Lone Star Lightning has produced an inventory of reasonably priced residential lightning protection equipment. Small residence-dwellers can now bank on lightning protection systems to protect themselves from bearing the brunt of the lightning damage. Fire departments and medical emergency facilities cannot always reach your home in time in the event it is struck by lightning.

However, Lone Star’s quality lightning protection devices can prevent any harm from coming to your property in the first place. Not only does this avoid unprecedented loss of life, but it also prevents property damage. If one were to tally the amount of property damage they have prevented over the years by investing in one of our residential or commercial lightning protection systems, they would be surprised; the equipment will have paid for itself, several times over by preventing loss of life and property.