Why Installation Of Home Lightning Protection System Is Essential?

08 Oct, 2018 | By- LoneStar

Have you ever experienced a sudden blackout in your home just after an impressive lightning spectacle? If yes, then this is because your home electronic system has collapsed. Heavy storms bring thunder with it. Although it is lovely to visualize those lightning phenomena, it causes much trouble and hampers your daily life.

Just imagine, you have left your children home alone, and suddenly due to some storm all the electronic equipment like freeze, television, lights, fans, even air-condition system seized to work. It is a terrifying situation right? Well, you don’t have to face this kind of situation if you have a proper home lightning protection system.

Damages caused by lightning can be reduced if you take a few precautions-

Installing a proper conductor is a must-

Installing an adequate conductor is essential to protect your house from getting affected by lightning. Taking advice from professionals like Lone Star Lightning you can install it on the roof of your home or any other place. This will safely pass the flow of the current from the roof of the house to the ground.

Switch off every electrical equipment-

Fan, television, fridge are the primary electronic goods that get affected during lightning. Keeping those in off mode and unplugging is going to save those. Keep children away from those electrical equipment.

Stay away from any power lines-

Metal power lines, telephone lines and even house fences made of metal can cause you immense harm during massive thunderstorm. Avoiding any contact with these things are mandatory.

Plant trees maintaining distance from the house-

This is the typical kind of mistakes that most of the people make. Planting trees beside the home can cause severe damage during massive thunderstorm. Lightning may cause a fire to the trees which can cause many problems for the inmates of the house.

Stay away from open and flowing water-

Contact with tap water and any other means of flowing water is a big no no during this time. Water is a good conductor of electricity and touching water thus can be dangerous.

Wearing rubber slippers-

You don’t know when lightning is going to strike your house. So in the time of heavy rainfall wearing rubber slipper is recommend. Putting on rubber slippers, protects you from any contact with electricity.

Apart from all these installing a fully working lightning protection system at your home is the best thing you can do to secure your home. This will inevitably reduce the chance of bodily injury and protect your house as well as the whole family.

However, installing a lightning protection system is not a matter of joke. You will need professional help. Not just any professional but reliable as well as knowledgeable. If you are looking for some experienced lightning protection in Dallas region, then you can contact the Lone Star Lightning Company. You should also include surge suppressors in your lightning protection service. Without this, your whole protection system would not be complete.