The Need of Protecting Your Roof from Lightning

15 Jul, 2019 | By- LoneStar

Thunderstorms can be quite fascinating, and likely to be watched. The rapid flashes and the growling sound can be quite a thrilling experience to be watched from far.

However, it goes without saying that these flashes and sounds are much more dangerous and fatal than what you might feel. They are extremely dangerous for the structures nearby and can destroy everything in their vicinity. However, the best part is that with the advancement of technology, and the innovative mindset of the experts, these buildings and structures can be protected easily from the threats of the lightning bolts if the right kind of lightning protection in Houston or any other part of the world is installed properly. There are many reasons of installing such systems in your building, some of which are listed below.

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Lightning is a regular phenomenon which can cause serious threat to not only mankind but also to the eco-system if adequate protection measures are not taken in time.

The fatal effects can be seen in people, infrastructures, building and everything else which comes in contact with the flashes. The electrically charged ions that form within the cloud and are mixed with static electricity discharge at a magnificent speed and power to strike the earth quite randomly and create an instantaneous impact while discharging excessive voltage and leading severe damage to everything around it, especially the electrical systems.

Every year, a huge number of properties are damaged and destroyed beyond repairs by these discharges. The effects of such destruction can be far reaching. This is the reason a protective system should be installed to ensure lower impacts.

Strike Termination Device

Strike Termination Devices are also known as the Lightning Protection Systems or LPS. The experts of Lonestar Lightning are highly trained and well-accustomed to install this equipment with finesse.

Once installed properly, this system is quite effective in intercepting and controlling the high voltage lightning strikes with ease. It makes way for the static electricity to safely reach the ground by creating a low impedance path for the same.

This way, the strikes can effectively enter or exit the building without causing any damage which otherwise would have been a case had it hit the structure directly.

Strike Risks

If you want to protect the building from the surges, you must install an approved Underwriter Laboratory (UL) LPS, as a means of installing a system in compliance to the nationally recognized safety standards.

This system can be recognised by the fittings and rods which allow a safe passage of the high voltage current to the ground without causing further destructions. You can easily increase the level of protection by installing the suppressors and surge protectors alongside an LPS.

This way the threat coming directly inside the house through the power lines and different conductive items such as cable lines or computers can be prevented easily.

It is due the aforementioned reasons that the home and the roof need a protection from the strike of lightning with the effective utilisation of the strike termination device.

It is quite a necessity which cannot be ignored or avoided to ensure the safety of the residents and the building as a whole.