Protecting Yourself from the Impacts of a Devastating Lightning

15 Jul, 2019 | By- LoneStar

Nature can be really destructive when it decides to unleash its wrath. Lightning is one such element of nature which causes a lot of damage to living beings, cars, buildings, and many other installations.

Here arises the need for protection against lightning and the installation of a sound lightning protection system. Most buildings nowadays not only have a strong structure but various measures are taken to make them safe from the effects of lightning.

What is Lightning

Lightning can be defined as a discharge that occurs during a thunderstorm. This discharge occurs within a cloud, between two clouds or between a cloud and the ground. It is also called a flash.

When this flash strikes an object on the ground, it is referred to as a lightning strike. Lightning produces a very bright light and an explosive sound which is called thunder.

There are some places on the planet where lightning strikes very often. These places are called Lightning hotspots. There is such a place near a small village in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the frequency of lightning is highest in the world. There are many other lightning hotspots like this in the world.

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Damage Caused By Lightning

Although according to records 90% of the humans struck by lightning survive, cases of lightning deaths are also reported across the world. 80% of lightning survivors have been reported to have sustained long term injuries.

The current of lightning is too brief to cause burn injuries, but it can cause serious damage to nerves and muscles. Lightning can also cause cardiac arrests and convulsions. The sound of thunder can cause damage to the ears and can impair hearing.

Lightning can also cause a fire. Many electrical devices like telephones, modems, computers, television, and refrigerators get damaged due to lightning. The damage to the electronic devices is caused by electromagnetic pulses and overcurrent.

The overcurrent can reach the devices through phone jacks, Ethernet cables or electrical outlets.

Protection From Lightning

Because of the enormity and range of the damage caused by lightning, the lightning protection industry is quite big with many players.

The firms which provide lightning protection have clients and customers all over the world. Lone Star Lightning is one such company which is a leader in the industry. There are three aspects to the lightning protection provided by Lone Star – detection, prevention, and protection.

The company specializes in providing lightning protection installation not only to businesses and offices but also to homes and other locations. The firm uses state of the art technology in its installations.

The leaders of the organization are very experienced and possess all the necessary expertise. The company is proud of its committed and qualified staff. It doesn’t delay its deliveries and provides customized solutions to its clients at reasonable charges.

Lone Star also offers a 247 emergency service. It has a competent team of experienced and qualified engineers who offer the most effective engineering solutions.

When life and property are at stake, one can’t take chances, and you need reliable solutions. Lone Star Lightning provides just that.