Importance of Installing a Lightning Protection System

15 Jul, 2019 | By- LoneStar

The force of lightning has engulfed innumerable lives in big gulps since time immemorial.

Having a sizeable force, lightning can destroy the establishments of sizes-big or small. On top of that, one can never stay blind eye to the potential hazards of irrevocable loses in human lives.

With the introduction of various technological advancements, newer grounds have been broken over the years. Out of all these innovations, lightning protection brings a stronghold to your property against the vulnerable threat of lightning strikes.

Materials Get Affected From The Shock

The effects of lightning are massive. No person or material can be saved from its devastations unless a solid action is taken. This is the very reason why we would have to take additional precautions for ensuring that everything protected.

During thunderstorm, most people prefer staying indoors, but there is more to severe weather safety than seeking shelter. A thorough understanding of the effects of lightning on your home can help you get prepared well. Frankly speaking, a lightning strike carries up to 1 billion volts of electricity and this can bring some serious shock to your home with following items at risk.

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If any electronic appliance is plugged in during thunderstorm, lightning can get it. Hence, it is advised to avoid using plugged-in electronics immediately during or after a thunderstorm.


Lightning can travel along metal pipes, so it is advised not to touch the exposed plumbing. Take a shower or bath and use the faucet during thunderstorm.

Metal Objects

door frames & metal windows and other metal items in your home can conduct electricity when lightning hits. Make sure to maintain distance during or soon after the thunderstorm.

You can guard your home & family with a home lightning protection system. This system is a set of components that work together to divert the force of lightning strike to the ground by developing a path of least resistance.

Besides, the lightning often gets through electric lines, phone lines, gas or water pipes, causing significant damage. Truly enough, the lightning protection installation can reduce the damage & injuries caused by lightning.

Components of Home Lightning Protection System

The home lightning protection system includes the following components:

Lightning Rods

The rods made of copper or aluminium are designed to combat the lightning strike, mounted to your roof.

Main Conductors

Metal cables that tend to connect the lightning rods to other parts of the system.


Make sure you link the lightning rods and grounds to the main conductor to prevent lightning from getting between several items.


It is process of earthing, where two rods are driven down at least 8-10 feet into the ground to reflect the current away from structure.

Surge Suppressors

They are installed at the main electrical panel to check the speed in electrical current away from the structure.

Considering the unimaginable economic loses a property owner faces as a result of unpredicted acts of God, one cannot ignore the needs of aligning buildings with the installation of lightning protection.