How to Protect Your Home from Damages Caused By Indirect Strikes?

31 Aug, 2018 | By- LoneStar
How to Protect Your Home from Damages Caused By Indirect Strikes?

Do you have any idea about indirect strikes? Indirect lightning strikes are also quite powerful, and they discharge electricity into the ground. Here are a list of effects caused by indirect lightning discussed below. Along with which few measures have been mentioned too which will help you protect your home from such severe damages:

Damage to trees – Such lightning strikes can be extremely devastating to trees, and it ca split them apart or even cause them to catch fire. To help you with this, you can get in touch with a reputable tree service company and have all those lightning damaged trees inspected. These trees need to be removed immediately as they are vulnerable to other damages. Next, lightning damage heightens the risk of trees falling. This issue can be controlled by pruning or removing the trees that are planted too close to the home.

External power surges – Many of you may not be aware of the fact that lightning can cause a lot of damage even when it does not strike anything on the property. What really happens is, each time when there is an indirect strike, it accounts to power surges. Homeowners living around the area might experience this streaming spike or fluctuation in voltage. In all such cases, you can contact well-experienced electricians to install surge protectors in and around the house to ensure complete lightning protection.

Experts suggest few simple precautions that you need keep in mind during a thunderstorm so as to help you minimize the risk of damages and remain safe:

  1. If lightning is closer than 5 miles, then you need to be prepared and seek shelter.
  2. Do not seek refuge in washroom because taps and showers are way good conductor of electricity.
  3. Do not make calls using the landline phones because electricity can travel via phone lines.
  4. Remember to unplug all electronic devices like television, music systems, computer, kitchen appliances, and so on.
  5. It is safe to remain indoors.

Well, simply follow the measures mentioned above and you are sure to keep yourself and your belongings safe when such natural disasters hit the ground unexpectedly. Also, do not forget to contact reputable lightning protection service providers to assist you in installing excellent lightning protection system in your home.