How Lightning Protection System Can Save Your Business

17 Jun, 2019 | By- LoneStar

Lightning is a natural phenomenon and you can do nothing about it. You can only control the damage. Though, lightning strikes only for few seconds but the discharge can be really strong as thousand amperes. 

It increases the potential of damage caused. We also hear several reports of fatalities and injuries due to lightning. Human life is not only the one that suffers.  Structural damage is also a concern especially for businesses. It can effect electrical surges that can mess up with electrical system of any residential or commercial building.

Commercial lightning systems safely transfer excess electrical charge away from the building and into the ground.  In this way, they are discharged in a safe way ensuring the safety of the building from the damage.

Lightning protection system cannot prevent lightning, it can only provide the high charge an alternate route that is away from the building it has been installed in. The mechanism of any lightning protection system includes lightning rods, conductor cables and grounding rods.

This is why more businesses rely on surge protectors and lightning protection in Houston.  It prevents any damage to electrical systems and appliances in offices. Here are some benefits it offers for businesses.

Saves Business Investment

Lightning protection systems are a much cheaper investment compared to what you have to pay for systems that need to be repair or replaced because of power surge.

Would you like to pay the extra money in repairs and suffer through electric downtime or just install a protection system to prevent it all. Think about it.

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Prevents Electronic Damage

A business’s main concern is to protect all its data.  With sudden power surges messing with electrical systems, you can lose all your data. Even worse is what frightens company owners.

The same goes for appliances like water coolers, conditioning units and refrigerators. It isn’t a cheap investment as well.

Safeguards The Life of Your Personnel

It’s not only the building that saves from a strike, but also the people in it. With an inefficient or crumbling roof, lightning can also strike through the surface and fall onto someone.

It can start fire in the office or burn electrical system causing a power shut down. In that case, the harmful gas emissions can endanger the lives of people inside the building. However, as a business owner it is his duty to make sure the safety of each employees.

You will be solely responsible if anything happens to them while they are at work.  So, lightning protection saves you as well from paying additional expenses as worker compensation.

Any business can benefit from commercial lightning protection. The ensuing surge of electricity from lightning strike can spread throughout the building damaging the fuses and potentially any electronic devices that were plugged in at that time.

It is important to make sure that commercial lightning protection system complies with all the standards and codes of Lightning Protection Institute, Underwriters Laboratories and National Fire Protection Association.

It should be installed by a certified and reputable company like Lone Star Lightning.