How are you going to protect your home from sudden lighting?

08 Oct, 2018 | By- LoneStar
Combat the Effects of Lighting Using Home Lightning Protection systems

A recent study shows that the chances of homes getting direct hit by lightning has increased in the past few years. Although the reason behind such a phenomenon is still unknown, some of the researchers are guessing that an increasing rate of pollution has to lead to such a condition. This is where we have to think seriously about taking proper protection to save our homes as well as loved ones.

 Lightning causes severe damage to electrical equipment, machines, houses, vehicles and many more. You can also get hurt if you don’t take proper protective measures at the right time. So install residential Lightning Protection system, as soon as possible.

Lightning can enter your house in three ways.

It can directly hit your house.

It can pass through wires and damage your electrical system.

It may also pass through pipes that are connected with the ground.

This is why you should take proper protective measure to make your house safe and sound. Making your house safe is not a big deal. Following a few steps can save you from a disastrous situation.

Smoke and fire detectors-

Always keep in mind to install smoke detectors and fire detectors. These detectors come handy when a fire caused by lightning emits smoke and heat. During a storm, if you smell smoke or feel the heat after a sudden flash of light, you should leave the house immediately.

Unplug all the electric appliances-

Prevention is always better than cure. This is why if you see a storm approaching your house, unplug all the electrical devices like computers, music systems, electric geyser, televisions, microwaves etc at once. Don’t forget to turn off all the lights, fans and air-conditioning system.

Install lightning rod-

A lightning rod is something that acts as an electrical conductor. When a lightning strikes, the rod passes the electrical flow safely to the ground saving the house as well as all the people staying inside.

Medical kit-

Well, this cannot save you directly from a lightning strike. But keeping medical equipment handy can save you in time of emergency before you need to rush hospital.

If you follow all these measures correctly and take necessary precaution, then protecting your home as well as family members becomes an easy task. However, fixing a lightning protection system is always recommended in the first position. Half of your problems will automatically vanish after installing this protection system.