Few Easy Ways To Protect Yourself During The Time Of A Thunderstorm

09 Jan, 2019 | By- LoneStar
Few Easy Ways To Protect Yourself During The Time Of A Thunderstorm

A thunderstorm can arrive at any time of the year without a prior indication. Generally, thunderstorms occur at the time of the year when the land is warm and such condition draws stormy clouds to accumulate and bring about a sudden storm which is followed by frightening roars of thunder. In such a situation people need to protect themselves as well as near and dear ones. Moreover, not only living beings, buildings, houses, corporate houses, offices also get damaged by a sudden lightning strike. However, there are many ways in which you can protect yourself. Some of those methods are discussed below.

The danger of thunderstorm-

A thunderstorm is very dangerous and people should take the necessary measures to protect themselves. Avoiding outdoors in such a situation is mandatory. Apart from getting direct hit by a lightning strike, there are also chances of getting an indirect hit, which is as dangerous as the direct hit. It is why following some precautionary measures can save a person from a mishap.

Protect yourself from a thunderstorm-

Whenever going outside you should make it a point to check the internet for the condition of the weather. You can also take the help of your app or local newspaper to gain information. And even if you get caught in a storm then try to get a shelter. If you hear a thundering roar, then you can be sure that you are under the range of a lightning strike. So it is always better to stay safe in such a condition.

While staying inside your house-

Even staying inside your home is not going to provide you with full protection. For precautionary measures, you should stay away from the windows, doors, and skylights. It is because thunderstorms can shatter or break the glasses. To avoid any such condition staying away from those is necessary. Moreover, you should also stay away from metal pipes as these are good conductors of electricity. If you want to stay away from any mishap, then you should avoid any contact of running water, shower, and laundry. Cleaning your dishes or washing clothes should be avoided at any cost. To be safe you should stay away from your electrical devices like cell phones, computers, phones etc. However, if you want to make your house fully protected from lightning strike then installing Residential Lightning Protection system is a great idea. However, whenever you install one make sure to contact a professional who is expert in this field.  As the Lone Star Lightning company is quite popular availing their service is going to help a lot.

While staying outside-

If you get caught in a thunderstorm, it is better to search for a shelter. But if there is no shelter then what you need to do first is that switch off all of your mobile phones and other electrical devices. Staying exposed on bare ground is not a good idea and this is why it is better to tuck your head between the knees and stay still. But then also if you see any kind of shelter nearby try to avail it because staying on the open ground is never a good idea.

Home is the best place to provide you maximum security in such a situation and if you protect your house by installing Home Lightning Protection, then nothing can be better than this.

A secured home is something that we all desire and staying indoors is a great way to avoid any disastrous situation.