5 Benefits Of Installing Lightning Protection System in Your Home

17 Jun, 2019 | By- LoneStar

Many homeowners often don’t list installing residential lightning protection system as the top home improvement project.  There are many reasons to have this system installed. If you have purchase a house recently, here are the reasons why you may want to invest in lighting system.

Reduce The Risk of Fire

Lightning protection systems intercept lightning strikes directing its voltage around home’s structure and into the ground directly.

If you don’t have such a system in pace, lightning will take the direct path to the ground which is via a home’s electrical or plumbing system. The metal in electrical and plumbing systems will not catch fire but can become hot.

If it gets hot enough, wood or other materials near the metal can combust.  This system can help to reduce the risk of house fires.  Perhaps it is the important benefit of these systems as house fires cause damage and can also be deadly.

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Lessen The Risk of Explosion

Homes that have CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing), lightning strikes can cause explosions. This kind of piping is used in homes as they are flexible.  They are also susceptible to being damaged by lightning strike.

If CSST is damaged by lightning, the heat generated   can cause the gas inside to explode. If your home rely on has appliances, then using CSST is unavoidable sometimes. However, measures can be taken to protect the piping from the dangers of lightning.

Increase Property Value

As lightning prevention systems are a type of home improvement, it can increase the value of any residential property.  Obviously, the exact value will depend on the home’s current value, condition and neighborhood.

The increase might not be as high as when remodeling a kitchen would yield. This system can at least increase your home’s value a little. There are also many homeowners use that increase in value to pay for the protection system.

If the increase isn’t equal to the full cost of installation the system, any increase in property value can help subsidize getting a system installed.

Protect Electronics from Surges

By redirecting lightning around your home’s electrical system, protection systems help to protect the electronics in your home.  It includes the following:

  • The circuit breaker in the home
  • The wiring in the home
  • Electrical appliances like electric ovens, microwaves and electric dryers
  • Electronics that are plugged in like smartphones and computers

In order to protect these items, a protection system helps safeguard many electrical equipment.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

The homeowners   can get a discount on insurance premiums after installing a protection system.

Although not all of them offers discounts, but many companies treat the systems as a perimeter security protection that qualifies for a premiums reduction. This discount is another way the homeowners can subsidize the cost of having a system installed.

If you want to install one, contact Lone Star Lightning now. We can help you protect your commercial and residential property from the dangers of lightning with lightning rod protection systems.  Our experts can install the lightning rods on your home or office to provide a safe path for electricity to follow to the ground.

The installations don’t take much time, so don’t worry the next time there is a lightning storm.